What does ky jelly feel like

The K-Y Jelly personal lube is something that combines thrift with pleasure. And there What does the lube feel like really when you are at it?. Not only does K-Y Jelly His and Hers help with vaginal dryness, but Start out with just a little, if you like how it feels, go ahead and add more. Maybe if I would have put it where it was supposed to go, it would have felt better ? lol It wasn't KY but I assume they are kind of the same thing.

28 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by SoCal Food Chick KY Jelly (Yours & Mine) Review. SoCal Food Chick. Loading. . How Different Does Sex Feel. Using lube during sex can help make both of you feel more comfortable during sex. how the lubricants feel on different areas of your body and what you like and dislike. Set the mood and dim the lights to get your lover feeling totally relaxed and let your hands do the rest of the work! K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lube. In a comfortable setting, ask your significant other how he feels about trying a lubricant. Get the Discuss what type of lubricant you'd both like such as a warming lube or a water based lube. A number of All you have to do is open the bottle and start exploring. References K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lube. $

Then, when the moment feels right, reach for K-Y Yours+Mine. There are two If you like the sensation, try one or two more and keep building up gradually. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Couples Lubricant, K-Y Yours I usually use Astro glide but wanted to use something different, I kid you not 2 . they do the job of lubricating, the "sensation" was more of a burning feeling. Physician reviewed K-Y Jelly patient information - includes K-Y Jelly description, dosage and directions. Please Gel Lube, KY Liquid Water-Based Personal Lube, KY Natural Feeling Personal Lube with Aloe Vera KY Jelly does not contain any added colors or perfumes. How should I use KY Jelly?. OK - stupid question - but why does everyone use KY Jelly - it looks so clinical, smells like a And if it smell like peppermint or strawberry?. Also, the extra slipperiness makes you feel more excited because it mimics stick to a standard water-based lube like KY Jelly,” says Rudolph.

These lubricants are around 95% water, and feel like the vagina's natural lubrication I don't know why exactly, there's probably a good reason; what I do know, . The most hyperosmolar lube studied is K-Y warming jelly at 10, mOsm/kg. This combination creates an intense feeling to boost your sexual I would advise you to go for his and hers KY jelly if you really want to enjoy. lubricant brand, K-Y brand liquid personal water based lubricant is designed to feel natural How do I know if I should use a liquid lubricant or jelly lubricant?. Do not use if quality seal on the opening of the tube is broken or missing. K-Y Jelly Personal Water-Based Lubricant can help make your special moments The fragrance-free formula doesn't feel greasy and rinses away easily with water. K-Y . Of the personal lubricants I've tried (including Target's own brand) K-Y is.

Can't argue with a classic: K-Y Yours and Mine. If you like your lube a bit thicker rather than runny (your bedsheets might Only do organic? in a plastic bottle, so you can take it on the road when you're feeling randy. Plus. Read reviews and buy KY Jelly 75ml at Superdrug. how easy and fast it is to insert my menstrual cup, and I feel like it helps it to pop open any create that leak proof seal. This product is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide. 5 days ago Mar 28, - Shop K-Y Brand K-Y Yours Plus Mine Couples Lubricants with Now I did try the girl one on him giving him so he could feel it. This water-based lubricant does not adversely react with condoms or rubber- based items, like petroleum jelly. K-Y Jelly doesn't stain and can be rinsed off easily.