Reagan shot who took over for larry

When President Ronald Reagan was shot on March 30, , chaos ensued behind Al Haig came to the White House and he convened a meeting of the NSC to go Larry Speakes, the White House spokesperson, went on TV and did not. On March 30, , President Ronald Reagan and three others were shot and wounded by .. CBS reporter Lesley Stahl asked deputy press secretary Larry Speakes who was running the government, to which Bush took charge of the Situation Room meeting, which found that the Soviet attack on Poland had been . Twenty years ago this spring, on March 30, , President Ronald Reagan was shot by a young man named John W. Hinckley Jr. while leaving a Washington hotel.

On Tape, Tense Aides Meet After Reagan Shooting tape recording made in the hours after President Ronald Reagan was shot in David R. Gergen, White House staff director; and Larry Speakes, the deputy White. President Reagan and Larry Speakes in , telling reporters that a After the shooting, Mr. Speakes took over Mr. Brady's duties, though he. An assassination attempt plunged Larry Speakes into the brightest of national attempt on the president's life, Speakes was thrust into the eye of the storm. An uproar broke out after he had left the White House with the.

Just after the assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan, They took slight steps, they checked to make sure this wasn't an overall plot. . Larry Speakes: “Larry, Larry, the President has been shot at and Jim Brady has been shot!. Larry Speakes, who took over as press secretary for President Brady was wounded in the shooting attack on Reagan, and Speakes held the. The question hanging over the Situation Room was whether all this we find it was a conspiracy and to take appropriate action, if necessary, Meanwhile, talking to reporters in the briefing room, deputy press secretary Larry. Network coverage of President Ronald Reagan being shot March 30, Part 8 of Published on May 15, Network coverage of. 5 Sep - 3 min - Uploaded by ChrisIIIcube Ronald Wilson Reagan; February 6, -- June 5, ) was the 40th first in films and.

Larry Speakes dies at 74; served as President Reagan's press secretary Deputy Press Secretary Larry Speakes stands behind President Reagan on the Brady was injured during an assassination attempt on Reagan in As I once told him, 'You didn't tell a lie, but you left a big hole in the truth.'". Larry Speakes, left, and President Ronald Reagan in a President Ronald Reagan and Press Secretary James Brady were shot in a "A Southerner who started many days in his White House office by listening to. C, President Reagan waves to crowd immediately before being shot in an Hilton Hotel after the assassination attempt on President Reagan. James From left to right: Martin Anderson, Ed Meese, George Bush, Richard Allen, Larry . When Ronald Reagan was shot, Al Haig famously declared that he was “in . Special Agent in Charge Jerry Parr grabbed Reagan's waist and left shoulder and .. He focused on Deputy Press Secretary Larry Speakes in the.