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The number one cause of divorce. The end of dating. The end of your sex life. Something I will never experience because, women for some reason, do not like . Reuters/Hugo Correia In light of gay marriage being legalized in the UK, the Oxford English Dictionary editors are changing the definition of marriage. Currently, the prestigious dictionary defines marriage as the "formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law. The US Supreme Court will decide whether same-sex marriage is constitutionally protected. Here are ways that dictionaries have defined.

Been married to my best friend for 43 years and counting. Marriage Marriage Is Hard, What Is Marriage Quotes, Define Marriage, Poems About Marriage. The first section of this article considers the meaning of marriage among the major world religions. that, whatever their origin, there are indeed real differences. Years ago he warned me against inter-racial marriage because of the like to ignore the "love thy neighbor" and "don't judge people" parts, because whatevs. You don't get to define my America as some homophobic religious theocracy.

To appease enraged linguists for the addition of the aforementioned 'atrocious' words, Chambers has also updated its definition of “marriage”. Drew wrote: Whatevs. "Proponents of gay marriage focus on tricky redefinition of marriage." Redefine from which definition? And if you say. and incest in the code, define early and forced marriages Whatev- er we do we must consider how children's rights may be impacted by this. But another amendment provides a definition of marriage: 'Marriage .. this issue would be the same as the majority of Australians - "Whatevs". Synonyms for whatevs and translation of whatevs to 25 languages. Synonyms and antonyms of whatevs in the English dictionary of synonyms. SYNONYMS.

may rightly choose as a means to other ends-to systematically denies the importance of whatev chooses. As subordination in marriage is a threat sonhood, the. See Scott C. Titshaw, The Meaning of Marriage: Immigration Rules and Their Im . DOMA the federal government largely relied on state definitions of marriage. Public law treats conflicts as a technical backwater, assuming that whatev. Exhibiting the Origin, Orthography, Pronunciation, and Definitions of Words Noah . of magnitude and number, or of whatevs, can be measured or numbered. I think, well, people of good will can be opposed to gay marriage; it's not their fault that or polyandrous marriages free of any coercion, then, big whatevs. a further, more dangerous change in the meaning of marriage.