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Did you know your foot shape might hold the key to figuring out your ancestry? Learn more According to feet ancestry, Celtic feet have the most complex shape, with a large but short first toe, Photo: x-ray of a human foot. Apparently the alignment of your feet's digits reveals whether you hail from Greek , Egyptian, Roman, Germanic or Celtic heritage. What your. 15 Apr - 4 min - Uploaded by BRIGHT SIDE Your feet can say a lot about you and your true character than you think. Bright Side invites.

Prepare to be amazed at where you came from all you need to do is look at your feet! Who knew that your toes held so much meaning?!. The shape of your feet might hold clues to your personality - so we investigate image. So apparently the foot can say many things about you. In Imre Somogyi's book, “The Language of the Feet,” he writes how ancestry can be determined Does the above picture reflect your ancestry?.

A study claims you can tell your heritage from the shape of your feet, so take a look and discover where your ancestors originally came from. What are your roots? .. You stare at a cross in the middle of the image and see ugly celebrities. Being able to waggle your little toe indicates restlessness and a need for constant change. A few more facts about the feet shape / roots link. She runs foot-reading classes nationwide and also runs a course online. She will give a reading if you send her a photo of your feet. Visit nyyerj.tk Some of my ancestors are from Italy, so I have never been suprised when I looked a this chart like 2 years ago to see my feet were closet to roman. My right foot. Your Feet tells a lot about your Personality. All of our feet are unique in their own way, but there are those who believe your feet can reveal a lot.

There are new and modern methods, using your DNA, to determine your earliest heritage background. However, there are also theories of other methods to help. This picture has been buzzing all over the internet lately so here at I'm A Useless Info Junkie, being curious all the time, we thought “why we don't investigate to. Watch Your Step: What Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Roots. Foot Shape Can Help You Discover Your Roots. Plant Your Feet And Get Ready To Learn. Rather than being about actual ancestry, the names for these foot And I don't know where your image got Celtic and Germanic feet from.