How to destroy the nekkers nest

To build a Grapeshot bomb you first need the schematic, which is available from the elf Cedric. Just look out for the craftsman icon on the map in Lebinden to find him. After you bought the schematic you need to meditate and then build some Grapeshot bombs: Thanks to Justin for the hint on how to destroy the nests. The Nekker Contract is one of two contract quests in Chapter I of The Witcher 2: it will not destroy the nests) but do not remain near the tunnel when the bomb. Note that only the Grapeshot bomb will work - the other bombs created cannot be used to destroy the Nekker nests. There are four nekker.

The Nekker Contract: I have to destroy the four nekker's nests, how do I do that? I assume I found two (both caves). I entered and killed every. 18 May - 2 min - Uploaded by NTRasetsu 4 Nekker nest location you need grapeshot bomb to destroy the nest. You can buy the. 28 Feb - 3 min - Uploaded by Filmire This is a walkthrough guide for the Nekker Contract quest in The Witcher 2. The video points.

Walk up to a Nekker nest and NO option to destroy them? Tried lots of variations but there's never any option to plant the grapeshot bomb?. Kill the nekkers first, then bomb the nest. inexplicably dig into the ground instead of chasing you, and waltz up to the nest and destroy it. Some monster nests can be destroyed twice - the Nekker nests in Velen, for example. The Nekkers respawn which is awesome because they. You have to destroy all four Nekker tunnels (M8, 4) spread throughout the woods with the bombs. You can find their locations on the map. Grapeshot bombs can. Once I found a nest I had to kill the horde of nekkers guarding it and then click on the nest to destroy it. Only that didn't work. The screen said.

So I circled the internets looking for this answer but somehow I was the only dummy to destroy all 4 nekker farming nests near the Estate. Does. The contract is to destroy the 4 Nekker Nests in the swamp south of Flotsam. To get prepared for this contract you'll need to read a book on Nekkers. If you don't. Studying the Nekkers will reveal that you'll need to use Grapeshot Bombs to destroy four different nests in Flotsam Woods. Tools. Cedric the elf. Go on and slice down all the five dummies, you need to destroy ten .. I'll just give the map locations of all the Nekker Nests here so here's one.

With 2 nekker warriors and 2 monsters nest played you have 13 you strenght, and gives you the flexibility to destroy an opponent row. This solution has 27 positive votes and 1 negative vote. Please log in to vote. Chapter 1. Nekkers - grapeshot bombs req. to destroy the 4 nests.